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Recharge your batteries in Megève

Nothing beats a breath of fresh air in one of the most beautiful resorts in the world to regain balance, well-being and serenity. Whether it's during an enchanted interlude at the spa, a walk or a snowshoeing trip, or by discovering new ways to get your body moving, Megève offers an incredible range of activities to do good to your body and mind. Here, relaxing and taking care of yourself is a real state of mind. All while enjoying the enchanting, soothing and calming setting of the mountains and Mont Blanc...

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Rejuvenate at the spa

Because water and its benefits are now inseparable from a successful ski holiday, the hotels and facilities in Megève have superb spas for unforgettable moments of relaxation.

Spa Tata Harper du Cœur de Megève

Within the prestigious Coeur de Megève hotel, enter the comforting lair of the Tata Harper Spa. A leader in green cosmetics since the brand was one of the first to adopt this vision, Tata Harper offers a range of plant-based treatments, without synthetic components, non-toxic and not tested on animals. The products are handcrafted by chemists in Vermont, USA.

Here, it is a moment of pure relaxation that awaits you during a sensory shower, a visit to the nail bar or the herbal tea room, or even a Finnish sauna, before enjoying a timeless moment in one of the two treatment rooms.

We recommend:

  • Back from the Slopes treatment (90 minutes /185€): after a day in the fresh air on the sumptuous slopes of the Megeve ski area, there is nothing like a massage that will get you back in shape for a fresh start the next day. That's the idea behind this treatment that restores sore muscles and moisturizes skin that has just been exposed to the invigorating mountain air. The program includes an exfoliating body treatment, a warming honey mask and a repairing massage.
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Spa treatment at Coeur de Megève

Balneotherapy at the Palais des Sports of Megève

The Palais des Sports de Megève is a leisure space dedicated to families, sportsmen and women, and to those who simply want to relax. It is located in the heart of the village and covers 30,000m2, including an aquatic center, an ice rink, a climbing wall with a hundred or so routes, a sports and fitness room, as well as a balneoform area. The latter is of particular interest to us.

The Balneo is, in the Palais, a real place of relaxation in the heart of the resort: enjoy outdoor and indoor spaces with notably massaging beds and alcoves, goosenecks, a sauna, a hammam, a river against the current, and even three outdoor saunas for a unique experience! All of this in water at over 32°.

We recommend:

  • The "Ciné Balnéo" evenings: you will see the cinema in a different way, once you have immersed yourself in 34° water!
  • Elgo Dance classes, or fitness in heels: accessible to all those who want to let go for an evening, to let off steam on basic fitness moves that end up forming a rhythmic choreography. And in heels!
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Balneotherapy at the Palais des Sports

The Saint Gervais thermal baths

At the foot of Mont Blanc, the benefits of the thermal water of Saint-Gervais have been recognized for over a century. It all began 6,500 years ago at the top of Mont Blanc and after thousands of years of being enriched with minerals and trace elements, this water with exceptional virtues was discovered for the first time in 1807. Since then, it has been recognized by the French National Academy of Medicine and benefits all those who come to draw on its properties.

Indeed, the Saint-Gervais thermal baths offer numerous thermal cures, but also relaxation days during which you can take advantage of the equipment available, both indoors and outdoors along the Bonnant Gorge: steam baths, immersive caves, thermal water basins, experience corridors, saunas or hot slabs. So many moments to savor before taking a wellness break during a treatment just for you in your own bubble of happiness.

We recommend:

  • The Refuge massage with alpine plants (50minutes / 85€): Alpine plants with unsuspected virtues have been infused into the thermal water. This unique preparation is the basis for a relaxing massage, also using warm organic cotton bags.
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Saint Gervais Thermal Baths

QC Terme in Chamonix

How about a relaxing break in a 3000m2 wellness area including an infinity pool, steam baths, Japanese baths, bio-saunas, solariums and hammams? This is what QC Terme in Chamonix offers.

In this haven of relaxation from the other side of Mont Blanc, the massages offered are all personalized in order to offer you an experience that is as close as possible to what you need. In addition to the massage you choose on the menu, you will have the possibility to choose the music, the aromas, the oils or the essences that speak to you the most.

We recommend:

  • The Anti-stress massage (50 minutes / 84€): during this massage, the body and mind are harmonized in a total relaxation. Muscular tensions linked to stress are soothed, circulation is reactivated, and the contours of the face regain their radiance and luminosity.
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QC Terme in Chamonix

Four Seasons Spa in Megeve

This 900m2 serene setting offers an outdoor and indoor heated pool to enjoy the softness of the spa as well as the invigorating mountain air, a Technogym fitness center, as well as treatment rooms offering massages in collaboration with major brands in the care and beauty industry such as Olivier Claire, Swiss Perfection or WellCBD.

We recommend:

  • The CBD Infused Massage (60 minutes / 150€): Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, CBD has become a must in beauty departments and spas, which use it in many treatments. The result is that muscle tension disappears and the mind is much calmer!

Recharge your batteries by enjoying nature

It has long been proven that being at one with nature is the best anti-stress remedy! In the idyllic setting of the Megève mountains, on marked and secure trails, what a pleasure to meander between the trees, to breathe the pure air of the summits, to feel the snow crunching under your feet... A must to reconnect with yourself and to fully recharge your batteries.

Here are 3 ideas for walks to free your mind by putting your body in motion:

Chemin du Calvaire

1km / 1h / 60m of ascent

This itinerary is accessible to all and is located between the center of the village of Megève and the Mont d'Arbois plateau.

We like this walk for :

  • Its "unique in France" side: a most original cultural stroll, because of its history and its characteristics. Built between 1840 and 1878 by Father Ambroise Martin, the Calvary of Megève has 15 chapels and oratories. This ancient place of pilgrimage earned Megève the nickname of "Jerusalem of Savoie". Different architectural styles succeed one another in this ensemble, which was restored in the early 2000s to its original glory.
  • The panoramic view of the upper Arly valley and the foothills of Mont Blanc.
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View on Megève from the Chemin du Calvaire

Upper Jaillet

6km / 2h / 120m of ascent

This is a round trip itinerary, starting about 200m above the upper station of the Jaillet gondola.

We like this walk for :

  • The varied landscapes that it offers between forest, undergrowth and pass.
  • The breathtaking view of Mont Blanc, the Aravis and Megeve below.
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The Jaillet seen from Megève

Walk to Leutaz

10km / 3h / 180m of ascent

A very pleasant itinerary during which you will go up a small valley.

We like this walk for :

  • The traditional farms and picturesque cottages that crisscross the path.
  • The three restaurants along the way, like so many places to stop for a nice gourmet break.
  • The fact that the trail is totally suitable for strollers.

Sport: a different kind of well-being

Can you recharge your batteries in Megève in a different way than at the spa or by walking in the open air? Of course it's possible! For this, head to MB Bike, which offers sports outings, including electric mountain biking and ski touring for all levels, to discover the area in a different way while doing yourself good.

Electric mountain bike on snow

On marked routes alternating between forests and views of the peaks, discover a new way to ride. As Fred Azzolin of MB Bike explains, "People are often afraid of mountain biking on snow because they associate snow with ice, and therefore with guaranteed slipping! But cold snow is very grippy. In addition, snow smoothes out everything so you don't ride on roots and other rocks". The two-wheeler specialist continues: "Another preconceived idea: the harder you try to go, the more you skate. In truth, mountain biking on snow is a discipline that requires a lot of finesse, flexibility, being gentle with the machine and the terrain. In fact, you have to imagine that you are walking on eggshells! There is a real notion of well-being in this practice... ".

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Electric mountain bike on snow

Ski touring at sunrise

As the first light of the day is about to appear, some early risers take the road to the summits to witness a most bewitching spectacle: the sunrise above the Aiguille du Midi. Via the Mont d'Arbois, the slopes for the beginners or the forest for the more athletic, the itinerary is made according to the level of each one and the experience is thus opened to all the levels of skiers. Once at the top, as if alone in the world, it is good to admire the sunrise while enjoying tea, coffee and some croissants. The pleasure doesn't stop there, because once you're up, you have to come back down! And it's on the freshly groomed slopes during the night that you have the chance to make your first tracks of the day...

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Powder field in Planay